Mumford & Sons came to Vevo to provide fans with a look into some of the group’s cozier moments, we hit the road with them in March as they performed for lucky audiences in a handful of US record stores.

From Nashville’s Grimey’s to Indianapolis’ Indy CD & Vinyl to Atlanta’s Criminal Records they kept fans rapt, explaining not only how far they’ve come, but offering some insights into what they’ve learned along the way. The ’12 Years Strong’ doc is a revelation of sorts, a portrait that reminds the small gesture is just as potent as the grand declaration.

Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Kyle Goldberg  
Director Of Photography: Bram Vandermark and Chris Allen

Designer: Maddie Bone

We wanted to extend the narrative of 12 Years Strong with a treatment that captured their tour of the south. We extrapolated on themes of grit, nostalgia, and hand-made elements. Inspired by dive bar stickers, we created custom motifs of the Mumford & Sons identity that could show themselves in more playful applications.